We Still Think Yik Yak is Manipulating Posts Naming Competitors

yik-yak-logoYesterday, we wrote a post titled, “Is Yik Yak Downvoting Your Teen’s Posts?”, largely in response to a Techcrunch story that accused them of manipulating posts that named direct competitors such as Fade and Unseen.

Yesterday, the founders responded to the allegations and Giga Om more or less ran with the repsonse in a post titled, “Yik Yak gives a better explanation of down voting allegations”, which included the following:

“When we see repeated posts that say ‘Go get this [app],’ or ‘Go download this,’ we consider it spam,” Yik Yak founder Brooks Buffington told me Tuesday night. “It’s happened with mobile gaming companies, it’s happened with websites. It happens with a bunch of people, not just some of these competitive apps.”

A colleague and I decided to test it out, and posted the top two below around 10:45:


Almost immediately we saw their scores dropping, and by 11:05, both posts were gone. In the meantime we had posted about Sony, Facebook and Twitter, all in a way competitors, at least in terms of screen time. Those hadn’t been touched.


We also posted about Trivia Crack, obviously a popular mobile gaming app in the category Buffington specifically called out above.


At 11:11, none of the other posts naming Yik Yak competitors, including Trivia Crack had been downvoted at all.

We’ll end this with the same summary paragraph we used yesterday.

If your teen is using Yik Yak, not only do you have to trust him to not post anything stupid, or worse, illegal, you have to trust Yik Yak not to mess with his account. This news shouldn’t make you feel any better.



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