What Are Your Social Media Profiles Telling Recruiters?

There is a brand new survey out of human resources technology firm Jobvite, and it focuses on how recruiters are doing their job right now.

If you’re in college and getting ready to graduate, or a student looking for part time work, it’s important to focus on what recruiters are focused on. The survey has a lot of valuable data for young job seekers.

First some good news – the job market is better this year than it was last year. Good candidates are in demand, salaries are up and candidates have more flexibility to negotiate a higher salary.

Beyond your degree and your work and life experience, there is one area that you can focus on now to increase your chances of being hired into a job you want – that is your social media profiles and activity.

social recruitingSocial Recruiting

One important area of increased focus this year for hiring managers is social recruiting. If recruiters are spending more time, money and effort on using social media to find candidates, you can bet they’re spending more time finding and evaluating candidate social media profiles.

What specifically are they focused on? When it comes to your social media images and activity, the following can be red flags:

Typos – We hope there are no typos on your resume, but the survey shows that 72% of recruiters view typos – even on social media – as a negative.

Marijuana – It still illegal in most of the country, and some folks have a moral objection. 71% of recruiters don’t want to see it. If you’re in the job market, leave the party pictures off your profiles.

Oversharing – You might be surprised to see this, but if you’re constantly posting online, a recruiter may wonder whether you’re going to be on your phone all day when at work. If you’re sharing too much personal information, that might call into question your judgment or discretion. If you’re posting too much information about a prior job or employer, especially if it’s negative, that’s definitely a no-no.

Alcohol – Although most people drink at least occasionally, 47% of recruiters take a dim view of it being posted on your public social media. Act accordingly.

Selfies – Posting the odd selfie is no big deal, but be careful not to post too many of them. 18% of recruiters still view selfies as a negative.

Your public social media profiles and activity are becoming an extension of your resume. We’re not all the way there yet, but we’re quickly moving in that direction. Whatever you post on social media, you run the risk that a recruiter will think that’s the real you.



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