What Can Parents of Accused Bullies Do?

One of the many nightmares confronting today’s parents is the possibility of their child being accused of bullying. Real world physical bullying is relatively straightforward, and usually gets reported back to parents via a teacher or the parent of the victim. Parents are then expected to do the right thing – educate their child as to the right way to treat their peers, and then stay on top of the situation.

bullyIn today’s dynamic online world, it is as likely that bullying occurs online as it is offline. Even if bullying is limited to the internet or social media sites, it is real and the penalties can be harsh. In addition, a recent Pew Research survey on Teens and Technology found that teens who are bullied are more likely to become bullies themselves. Corrective action is definitely required.

As a parent of a child accused of cyber bullying, what do you do if you’re not sure whether the allegations are true? Or, if your child was previously accused, how do you know the bullying has stopped?

At ThirdParent, we have a solution.

We offer confidential online audits of the internet footprints of children and teenagers. You can be sure for yourself whether bullying occurred, and take corrective action.

The fact of the matter is that all bullying is bad, and should be stopped whenever possible, as quickly as possible. The problem with bullying on the internet is that even after the bullying has stopped, there may be lasting evidence that can be found by a school administrator, a college admissions officer or a future employer. Armed with a confidential audit by ThirdParent, parents can correct the negative behavior and take steps to remove the harmful words or images.

Parents and school officials can contact ThirdParent any time for help and resources for monitoring teen internet activity.

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