Yes, You Can Edit Instagram Posts

You may have missed it, but back in November, photo and video sharing app Instagram added the ThirdParent Instagramability to edit photos. You can’t actually edit the photo itself, but you can edit the comments, which can come in handy.

Most of us have posted something online that we regretted, often only seconds after posting. It could be something as simple as a typo, or something more nuanced such as a message that could look hateful, racist or overly snarky to someone viewing it. A normal course of action would be to delete the post entirely, but there is something about pictures that makes them more difficult to take down, especially after they’ve gotten a few “Likes”. If you want to leave the picture up on Instagram, but want to edit the caption you placed underneath it, there is now an easy way to do it.



Editing captions only works on the app, not on the desktop/laptop version of Instagram.







See the blue arrow? Click on the three dots.















The simple menu at left will pop up. You can choose “Delete” to delete the photo entirely, or “edit” to alter the caption.


Note: if someone has already shared the photo, the original caption went with it and will be there forever.











You are now free to edit the caption.







Even people whose Instagram accounts are set to private will want to be careful what they put in their photo captions. If a friend shares one of your photos, you don’t want it to be annotated with an embarrassing or incriminating comment.

People who are or may be in the job market, and teens who have their whole future in front of them need to be careful about what they post online. If you’re an Instagram user, it makes sense to go through your account and make sure you haven’t posted anything regrettable. Parents can encourage teens to do so as well.


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