Yik Yak Users Help with a Missed Connection Love Story

We spend plenty of time writing about what is wrong with anonymous app Yik Yak. From the school threats and cyberbullying to racism and boasts of illegal acts, there is plenty not to like about the app if you’re a parent or educator.

I was browsing Reddit yesterday and came across something Yik Yak related (h/t to Redditor u/letsgofightdrgons) that is unabashedly positive. In the subreddit r/thathappened (tall tales that are actually true, or something) the user posted a thread titled “The Missed Encounter Yik Yak Love Story“, about two young would be first daters who missed a connection, but were helped by Yik Yak to make it to a first date. (The story is actually a link to an imgur gallery).

The story has appeared elsewhere online, but I thought I’d make it safe for families and post it here.


Classic missed connection here. The girl tried, at least.


Turns out that the guy dropped the ball. Could Yik Yak come to the rescue?


The Yik Yak army goes to work.





Victory. Way to go team.

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