You Can Delete Snapchat Pictures Forever

After a barrage of news over the past few weeks about Snapchat hacks, Snapchat revenge porn sites and the app generally not functioning as intended due to a number of contributing factors, there is some good news for Android phone users.

snapchat-hackSnapchat, which recently passed Instagram as the leading photo sharing site, has been plagued with problems. Now there is a new app that makes it 100% certain (if the app is used correctly) that Snapchat pictures can indeed be deleted permanently.

The app is called Clean Master, and is available for free in the Android app store Google Play. Once a user downloads it, the app can be set to delete not only pictures sent to you, but also pictures that you have taken with your phone. While it doesn’t take care of the problems that arise when persons receiving your pictures choose to repost them to the web or otherwise pass them on, it will be a welcome relief to those worried about private pictures lurking forever in someone’s phone.

There is no word as of now as to when the app will be available for iOS devices.

Parents, if your teen is using Snapchat for sexting or sending otherwise inappropriate or embarrassing photos, a heart to heart chat is still probably a good idea.


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2 Replies to “You Can Delete Snapchat Pictures Forever”

  1. Is it possible to retrieve deleted pictures frm a phone internal memory even after using clean master? Coz my phone is death now and i need to repair? Help me please..

  2. If you used Clean Master correctly, you should be safe getting your phone repaired. However, there is still a chance that someone with sophisticated technology skills and time could retrieve the photos.

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