Young Job Seekers Beware – Employers More Active on Social Media

The Society for Human Resource Management released the details of a survey earlier this year that point squarely to the fact that job seekers’ social media profiles are becoming a more important part of the applicant recruiting and screening process.

The study, which was completed in December of last year, surveyed 410 human resource professionals to get their views on the role of social media in their core job functions.

employers-social-mediaHow are the moves to mobile communication and social media playing out?

  • 84% of organizations are using social media to enhance recruiting and a further 9% are planning to do so
  • 66% of companies are targeting mobile users
  • 43% of companies admit to using search or social media to screen potential employees (we think the actual number is higher)
  • 44% of HR pros believe that public social media profiles can help in evaluating candidates
  • 36% of organizations have disqualified a candidate based on social media posts

reasons screen candidates social mediaWhy do employers screen candidates using social media?

  • Ability to learn information not on the resume (61%)
  • Ability to verify resume or application information (50%)
  • Candidate includes social media handles on application (41%)
  • Efficient use of time (34%)
  • Ability to assess prior work performance or potential (27%)

It makes sense. As companies are spending more time finding candidates via social media, they will use that social media connection to try to find out more about candidates.

We’re not just talking about seasoned candidates who are workplace veterans here. According to the survey, 34% of hourly workers are screened using social media. We believe that HR staffers are using search and social media to a very wide extent in recruiting, especially the younger digital natives who have had Google and Facebook as a fixture throughout their careers.

As a young, would-be new hire, you don’t want to be disqualified from any job because of something you’ve posted on social media. Things to keep in mind:

  • All posts are permanent. Even if you have deleted something, someone else might have shared it
  • Info posted to a private social media account can be shared by one of your friends, making it public
  • There may be social media accounts that you aren’t using or have forgotten about
  • That post may have been a joke at the time but it could make a recruiter have serious doubts about your character
  • Turn it around – social media is yet another way to make yourself look like a great candidate

As personal social media continues to extend its overlap into the work world, it pays to make sure your social media profiles are not a career impediment. If you need someone to take a second look, the ThirdParent/ThirdPro initial audit is FREE for a limited time (previously a $49 value). You can cancel at any time. Sign up today!



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