3 Replies to “YouTube Won’t Help Parents Delete Underage Accounts”

  1. I reported a child aged 11 or possibly now 12. Who has own channel. I have just received a reply:
    “Action Taken
    We’re unable to identify a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our Safety and Abuse Tool”.

    I hope that the commenters on his channel, saying how cute he is etc, aren’t predators grooming a child. I had read that the minimum age to open an account was 13, that seems to be total hogwash. I had carefully pointed out my concerns and his reply to one commenter that he was 11 ten months ago. The videos are obviously a child who says they are of himself and a younger child. There’s nothing indecent about the videos but I consider children shouldn’t be permitted to use an adult website.

  2. Actually the youtube age requirement is 18 but 13-17 can sign on with parental consent. I’m trying to get a 10 year old’s account taken down but don’t see any way to report it. It is absolutely ridiculous. Shame on youtube for allowing this to go on!!!

    1. @Kellie – this is not correct.
      The age requirement for AdSense and therefore YouTube Partnership is 18.
      The age requirement of YouTube in general, as well as other social networks such as Facebook, is 13. It’s a standard.

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